It is a truth universally acknowledged, that women love to shop. Especially Indian women love to pile up their closet with sarees of different ethnicity and love adorning saree for any and almost every occasion.  This super-chic Indian attire can never go out of style. 

When given a choice to choose from a plethora of options, every Indian women’s obvious first choice would be sporting a Kanjivaram saree. 

saree makes a women look elegant and brings out the best in her. I personally feel that sarees are very much in fashion and they have become a part of the most sensuous form of dressing with many textures of fabric available in the market.

The Weaving Procedure.

The silk that is used for making Kanjivaram sarees are acquired from the mulberry worms through the strategy of sericulture. Around 250 to 300 strings are used in the weaving process which permits the saree to stay sturdy. The zari work used is commonly made of gold and silver with silver running in first and covered with gold later.

Claim To Fame.

The strength of the saree lies in it's texture, shimmer, perpetual quality and refinement which is the reason it is famously known as the sovereign of all sarees. The fabric used is the heavy Kanchipuram silk and is additionally somewhat costly due to its finesse and weight. The heaviness of the saree decides its quality. The heavier the saree the better it is.


The elaborate pallu and border are woven independently in all Kanjeevaram sarees which are then connected to the saree body, through mind boggling weaving. Such is the accuracy that no one can tell that two separate bits of material have been woven together! A crisscross pattern called pitni can be spotted where the pallu meets the saree. Additionally, this is done so perfectly that the resultant outcome is incredibly durable – and doesn't crumble or tear, even after years.

The Wrap.

Kanjivaram sarees are totally different from any other customary saree. Silk as a material is extremely rich and isn't a regular piece of attire that you wear everyday. Silk has its own appeal that no one can deny. Nonetheless, purchasing a kanjivaram saree from anyplace and anywhere can crash everything you could ever hope for and land you despondently. You may wind up spending a ton just to acknowledge later that the quality was poor. 

So kanjivaram saree isn't generally a use however but an investment. The fabulous ensemble has the ability to empower you with the certainty to walk the street like you're strolling a honorary pathway.