If there is one thing that every Indian woman considers 'essential', regardless of age or ethnicity, it is the saree. Considered a staple in our country, the saree is truly a timeless treat. This simple garment has established itself as a masterpiece, a status that is to stay for generations to come.

There is an art in knowing how to drape a saree. With six yards of fabric in different shades and hues, you are at complete liberty to play around with different styles of your choice. Gone are the days when the saree was a piece of clothing limited to the older generation. Today, sarees are embraced by women across the spectrum who wish to keep our traditions and their style on the right balance. The list of saree styles is exhaustive and ever-evolving, but here are a few styles that we feel could look great on everyone!

The quirky pant saree:

Yeah, you can have the best of both worlds! Don’t skimp down on comfort or style. Instead of a petticoat, wear the saree with cigarette pants, a legging or tight track pants. Lighter fabrics – such as linen, georgette and cotton silk work well with this style! It is the perfect look for a ladies' night out and exactly what you need to give out the right bohemian artsy vibes!

The more upfront, the better:

This style of saree draping looks best with a silk saree. Keeping the pallu in front and letting the gorgeous zari border will make the case for your avant-garde sartorial choice! Depending on the saree blouse, you can keep it pleated or open, making this drape very much similar to the Gujarati style of saree draping- with a tinge of modernity!

The sky’s the limit:

Pair your sarees with a kurta, crop top or even a denim jacket and ace that style game. This drape is sure to give your traditional outfit a touch of your quirk and modern personality and put your top wear to some use! 

The quintessential & classic Bengal jewel:

This is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding and elegant drape styles. This method of draping a saree is called Athporey, and it is said to have developed to showcase the strength and confidence that every woman inherently possesses. Adorned by popular film stars and seen in hit films such as Devdas and Parineeta, it is believed that a Bengali woman would have tied many keys to the end of her pallu to represent herself as the dominant figure in her household. This style is a staple of Bengali culture and women, who gracefully drape their silks fashionably in their everyday course and primarily during the famous Durga Pujo festival!

Cape it up:

Why wait for a superhero, when you’re the style hero the world is waiting for? A sheer cape over the blouse is what the fashion world needs to break the monotony of a traditional drape! The cape can be made of net or mesh, and the see-through fabric would give the blouse its due importance whilst keeping things exciting on the fashion front.

Experiment all you want with this timeless masterpiece; there is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as your drapes are firm, polished, and comfortable– you can celebrate your grace without hassle! 

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