Weddings are undoubtedly a beautiful occasion that celebrates the love and commitment between two souls. It is a time when our loved ones come together to ceremoniously rejoice with love and laughter, whilst the couple exchange vows and promises of spending a lifetime together.

The beauty of Indian weddings comes from the many ceremonies and occasions that we take part in to make the wedding one to remember. An indispensable part of an occasion as important as your wedding, is the apparel that reflects the ultimate synergy of love, and what better than a regal saree showing the graceful & elegant style of the star of the occasion- the bride?

Here are our top four saree choices that will give your grand festivities the joy, emotion and colour it deserves:

Banarasi sarees

Often considered a crown jewel amongst sarees from across the country, the Banarasi, traditionally woven in the mystical city of Varanasi is a personification of opulence and grandeur itself. These sarees are made in the city of Varanasi, also known as Banaras, and are known for their intricate designs and fine silk fabric. This can be a perfect fit for the bride who enjoys being draped in elegance and style!

Kanjeevaram sarees

The famous Kanjeevaram silk saree is a traditionally handwoven saree made out of mulberry silk, made in the bylanes of the town of the quaint town of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. The origin of the Kanchipuram Silk can be traced back around 400 years. The rich temple culture of the town serves as an inspiration for artisans and the use and practice of wearing silk in rituals, weddings and ceremonies in this quaint old town are said to be the reason why the weaver communities settled here. The silk is known for its luxurious silk fabric and magnificent designs & motifs.

Chanderi sarees

The ethereal Chanderi silk derives its name from the city of its origin in Madhya Pradesh. Back in the day, Chanderis were only woven for the royal families and the aristocratic section of society. The Chanderi fabric is produced by weaving silk and also golden zari in the conventional cotton yarn which leads to the creation of its shimmering texture. The traditional weavers produced these gorgeous sarees in silk by decorating it with some zari work. Chanderi sarees have become one of the most appreciated sarees because the traditional fabric is lightweight which makes it very user-friendly. It has a luxurious feel and is highly comfortable, making these sarees well-suited for summer as well as winter weddings! 

Mysore silk sarees

Mysore is the enchanting land of sandalwood as we all know, and also the producer of a fabric that is as rich as its lustrous history. The decadent silk crepe sarees of Mysore were and still are, the gem in the crown of the Maharajas and Sultans that reigned over this land. Coming from a state that is one of the largest mulberry silk producers in the country, Mysore silk sarees are renowned for their extraordinary sheer, exquisite zari work and lightweight fabric- making this the right pick for the bride who emits exuberance and royalty, every step along the way.

In addition to these traditional weaves, India is filled with many modern and contemporary styles of wedding sarees for brides, including ones made of chiffon, georgette, and other lightweight fabrics. These often include suitable for a more modern, casual wedding style, and may feature more simple, elegant designs for brides who like it breezy

Why fret before the knot, when you’ve got Theni Anantham? Choose from our exquisite range of wedding silk sarees to adorn and add to your wedding trousseau, and make the most important day of your life one to remember!